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School History

School History 

Ferriday Junior High School is an accredited public school, located in Ferriday, Louisiana, serving grades 6, 7 and 8.

As part of the Concordia Parish School System, we have students from the Ferriday community, as well as other designated school zones from the Clayton, Wildsville, Lake St. John, Ridgecrest, and Frogmore areas.

The original building was constructed in 1954 on ten aces of land at a cost of $21,288.00. That site was home to the historic Sevier High School's Red and White Rams. After integration, this school became the South campus of Ferriday High School. At that time, the Ferriday 8th Grade was housed at the Florida Avenue site and the 7th Grade was situated on Hwy 15. After the FHS South campus was added to the North campus facility, this school became Ferriday Junior in early 1970s by adding the 7th and the 8th grades. Sadly, the original building was destroyed by arson in June of 1997, and FJHS was housed in a temporary location for two years.

The new FJHS main building was constructed on its original site and reopened its doors for the 1999-2000 school year. The new facilty features modern architecture, seven classrooms, science laboratory, home economics laboratory, administrative offices, and janitorial work rooms.  The spacious new library has a reading room, work room and full computer lab, and houses over 6,000 volumes.  The new wing is a clean, comfortable, attractive building with a curving hallway.

Joined to the new building by covered breezeways is a building called the Annex.  The Annex houses 14 classrooms and the assistant principal's office with a reception area.  The school cafeteria was luckily spared from the fire, but has been updated to enhance to the entire school complex.

A state-of-the-art gymnasium, capable of hosting a state playoff, has been completed and serves the Ferriday Junior High and High school teams.